Workers Comp in NC……Are you required to carry a workers compensation policy?

As a business owner in NC you must carry a workers compensation policy per NC Industrial Commission, NC Industrial Commission’s Requirements

If your business is required to carry Workers Comp make sure the policy is written by an agent with the experience writing workers compensation like Orrell & Company.

Orrell & Company has written Workers Compensation in North and South Carolina since 1978 and continue to help our clients save money and have peace of mind knowing their back is covered when it comes to their Workers Compensation Insurance needs.

Personal Automobile Insurance

Are you paying too much for your car insurance?

Is your current policy with an insurance carrier that has your back in during a claim?

Does your current agent have other options that may be not only less expensive but could give broader coverages and limits?

These are uber important questions you should ask yourself regarding your current automobile policy. With a free quote from Orrell & Company you can find out quickly!!